economic success means social responsibility

As we are very aware of this social responsibility and are particularly keen to this assist those in our society who are weak and in need the AKKANAT education and health foundation was founded in 1993.

Create future

Ali Akkanat, founder of the AKKANAT holding company and AYTEX Textil-Vertriebs GmbH, taught children and young people in Germany for a long time. He knows how important it is to equipment young people with the proper skills and abilities to ensure they can cope with the requirements of our increasingly complex society. Every child has the right to be able to learn and thus shape his/her own future. To enable this, more than 20 schools and one university has so far (as it 2010) been built and financed. Every year, we support 2,000-3,000 children and young people by giving them scholarships to go to school and undergo academic training.

Healthy infrastructure

Apart from health care at our production plans, the foundation also supports the construction, technical equipping and maintenance of hospitals in order to create a “healthy” infrastructure. Many mores social projects are bound to follow because there´s nothing better for us than being able to help.

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